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Somewhere in Japan, a dead body is found on a film set.

A British journalist arrives to investigate the murder.

A series of strange encounters with an offbeat cast of characters follow;  a fallen actor, a creature living between hotel floors and a psychic 13 year old girl with a Talking Heads obsession.

Somewhere between a cinema and a theatre, Massive Owl visit the world of Haruki Murakami’s Dance Dance Dance to create a new one.

The Dolphin Hotel is currently in development.


Created by Massive Owl.

Performed by Jenny Duffy, Sam Powell and Danny Prosser.


Early work in development performed at the Wardrobe Theatre and Ferment Fortnight at the Bristol Old Vic.

Supported by Bristol Ferment, Redbridge Drama Centre, The Pound Arts Centre, INTERVAL, the Barbican Centre and York Theatre Royal.



The process of making The Dolphin Hotel began with an invitation to make a film. Third Angel commissioned Massive Owl to make a performative film to mark their 21 year anniversary. We wanted to make a music video of a book. This film is an attempt to do that. The Dolphin Hotel - a film is Massive Owl’s first experiment in film. Inspired by Murakami’s novel, Dance Dance Dance, this film forms part of the larger performance project.