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“I can see the wall paper peeling back already”

A stranger arrives in a city, ruined.

Jumping through the past and present of an unnamed city, The "See You Later" Capital follows its people, their viewpoint and relationship with a place they once, or maybe still, call home.

Massive Owl imagine themselves as the makers of a city, they tell the story of its history. They become the city. The “See You Later” Capital is a show about industry and place.

Visually exciting and well-constructed piece of ensemble performance. Touching and playful.
— Jack Beglin, Blog Reviewer, Flare Festival

Supported by Flare International Festival and Falmouth University.

Performed at NEU/NOW Festival Online Showcase; Flare International Festival: The Weekender, (Manchester) and The Performance Centre (Falmouth).

Created by Massive Owl.

Performed by Adrian Spring, Sam Powell, Danny Prosser, with Shanna May Breen & Katharina Walsh.


4 bar and rising

“Can you feel it slipping?”

Four bodies run, collide and fall. A shoe falls past in slow motion. White paper rains down from the sky.

Massive Owl pulls you inside the mind of man at the end of his tether. 4 Bar And Rising is a show about pressure told with only a shoe, a metal bar, paper and a 5 meter piece of elastic.

A great piece of theatre, an assuredness which made it entertaining and intriguing in equal measure.
— Gareth Morgan, Reviewer, Ideas Tap

Supported by Dartington College of Arts.

Performed at National Student Drama Festival (Scarborough), Flare International Festival of New Theatre (Manchester) and Gateshead International Festival of Theatre (Gateshead).

Created by Massive Owl.

Performed by Jack Jago, Adrian Spring, Sam Powell and Danny Prosser, with Richard Mowbray.


Photography by Paul Samuel White