‘A visually exciting and well-constructed piece of ensemble performance. Touching and playful…’

Jack Beglin, Flare Festival



Performed by Sam Powell, Danny Prosser and Adrian Spring. Devised and previously performed by Sam Powell, Danny Prosser, Adrian Spring and Katarina Walsh. With additional devising and performance by Shanna May Breen

Supported by Flare Festival and Falmouth University.

Photography by Paul Samuel White.



Some people will remember, and some people will forget…

The capital is decaying. Someone arrives.

Massive Owl investigate the crumbling and shifting boundaries between composure and disarray, order and collapse in human, built and remembered structures. Jumping through the past and present of an unnamed city, The “See You Later” Capital follows the story of three different people and their relationship with a place they once or maybe still call home.

…but those who will remember, will remember what happened here.



The “See You Later” Capital was selected for the NEU\NOW Festival’s 2011 online showcase in Estonia. The “See You Later” Capital has been performed at Flare Festival: The Weekender, Manchester and at the Performance Centre, Falmouth.