Massive Owl with Cian O’Brien at Project Arts Centre

The performance work they create sits somewhere between physical theatre and live art, with their ability to ‘story-tell’ through the most minimal of means making their work both complex and accessible.’ – Kate Craddock, Festival Director, Gateshead International Festival of Theatre (GIFT).

Massive Owl are a collaborative performance company, based in Bristol, who make cinematic work that sits between theatre and live art. They tell stories and in the process challenge how a story can look, sound and feel.  

Massive Owl have made and toured work across the UK and internationally, most notably at the Barbican Centre (London), Project Arts Centre, (Dublin) and Mayfest (Bristol). They have run and taught workshops at various Universities in the UK.

They are…







Jenny Duffy                         Sam Powell                         Danny Prosser

They are associate artists of Live Collision ( and members of artist collective, Interval (


Here is more information on how Massive Owl make work:

We are interested in necessityparticipation and collaboration.

By necessity we mean: that we are interested in asking ourselves how many physical materials other than our bodies and a space are necessary to accomplish our performance aims. This results in performance which is often described as stripped back or minimalistic, and is often very physical.

By participation we mean: our work attempts to bring the audience actively into the performance, either through direct interaction with them or asking them to understand the work in their own way. We might ask our audience to get up and dance with us or from their seats, we might ask them to decide for themselves a significant part of a story which hasn’t explicitly been revealed to them.

By collaboration we mean: we work together without a defined artistic lead in any of the aspects of our creative process. If we are working either just together or with other collaborators, the process is equally shared between us. This results in the work feeling authored equally by us and with our audiences in the moment of performance.



The company was first founded in 2009 by: Adrian Spring, Danny Prosser, Richard Mowbray and Sam Powell whilst studying at Dartington College of Arts/Falmouth University .Massive Owl’s first performance 4 Bar and Rising won the Judge’s Award for Devised Theatre at National Student Drama Festival in 2010.

The company has since continued to develop and evolve through their collaborations with Harriet Quinn, Jack Jago, Jenny Duffy, Katharina Walsh and Shanna May Breen.